Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pregnancy Update!!

This update is long overdue! I have been in the hospital since Saturday afternoon due to preterm labor. I had been contracting since Friday and just keeping an eye on it, but Saturday the contractions became pretty consistent and a tiny bit painful. So, I called the doc, she had me come in and they put me on monitors. After about two hours of monitoring, the contractions were coming wtihin 2-3 minutes. My cervix hadn't changed since the last week's exam, but the doctor on-call decided that given my history and the contractions, we were better safe than sorry.

She started me on magnesium sulfate, which ran for 48 hours and effectively stopped the contractions. Now, they are monitoring me to make sure they stay away without the meds- so far so good! I've been off mag since last night at 8:00 and have had nothing but very scattered, minimal contractions. I also received two injections of steroids for the baby's lung development, in the case that the mag didn't stop labor.

I am waiting for my doctor now, but it's fairly safe to say I will be going home today. Unfortunately, I'll be going home to bed rest. My mom is flying out on Monday to stay for a week, help us out and spend some quality Grandma time with Aidric. We can't wait for her to get here!! In the meantime, our babysitter Rebekah, has been so flexible in helping us out as much as possible. Chris is working full-time and doubling as Mr. Mom in the evenings. It's been so hard to be away from Aidric the last few days, but I think the boys are enjoying their time together! I can't wait to get home today!!!!!!

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M said...

Glad you're home and hopefully feeling better. Take it easy--you're going to be busy enough in a few months--enjoy it while you can. A word to our new little arrival-to-be--although we are anxious to meet you...we can wait a couple of months!

Love, gramcracker