Sunday, April 13, 2008


Seriously, this is kid is ornery!! His new nickname is "little monster". He gets into EVERYTHING and I am pretty sure he knows how ornery he is being! Look at the smile in the second picture as he crawls away after emptying two of his drawers. (this is by far his favorite game, with taking all of the books off his shelf coming in a close second)

But, he's so sweet too. After he pulls all the books down, he often sits and "reads" them. It's pretty darn cute.

And this last picture is just to show you that he really does have hair. It just doesn't show up in most pictures!


Katie said...

ha! Faith is the same way. I have a hard time embracing it on occasion, but I love my little curious George! Aidric looks so happy!

Ashley said...

He is SO handsome!

Kaosong said...

Thanks for visiting my page! Your son is so cute! That's little boys for you! We are so lucky to have them!