Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 adorable dinos

I LOVE that Aidric and Juliet both wanted to be dinosaurs for Halloween this year. It was actually Juliet's idea. Aidric's love/obsession for dinosaurs has rubbed off on her. We have no less than 10 dinosaur books, which Aidric has the better parts of memorized. He can pronounce words such as "struthiomimus", "janenschia", "ceolophysis" and "euoplocephalus". It's pretty impressive.

They spend countless hours playing "dinosaur" in which she is usually the daddy, he is the mommy and "Annie" and "Buddy" are 2 plastic dinosaurs they carry around with them. LOVE the imaginary play!

Juliet also spends a LOT of time practicing her roar. She's actually a pretty scary's a deep, strong roar. Unfortunately, she generally chooses naptime to practice and the other night, she even decided to put in some practice time around 3 am. (I woke up to the noise and thought she was crying, I was on my way to her room when I realized it was not a cry at all, but a roar. As frustrating as it was to be awake and out of bed at 3 am, I couldn't help but laugh!)

Needless to say, their choice of dinosaurs for Halloween was fitting and perfect. Deciding what Cormac would be couldn't have been easier.

We started trick or treating this year at Riviera Village again while it was still light out. After dinner, we headed out in the neighborhood and kept it short. I love that we only went to 5 houses and yet they both had a blast and think they got a HUGE haul of candy.

Week 45 of our 52 week project.

We were parked along the water and I couldn't resist a few quick pics with the ocean behind them.


Kate said...

cutest dinos EVER!!!! I love their costumes!

Sarah said...

So cute! I love the last shot!!!!

mira said...

i love the dinosaur costumes, adorable!

KimBerly said...

They should be in a commercial. They are so cute!