Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!

This was the first year Aidric chose his own costume. Last year, he had no idea what he even was (a devil to Juliet's angel). This year, he was looking through a PBK catalog and saw their shark costume and knew what he wanted to be. This was early September, but he didn't waiver once. Unfortunately for him, mommy was not willing to pay $60 for a 3 year old's costume, so he didn't get EXACTLY what he wanted, but I think the Old Navy $19.50 shark was just as cute =)

He got really upset whenever anyone said, "oooh, it's a shark, he looks mean" or "ooh, scary shark" or anything like that. It made him really sad and he said he wanted to be a NICE shark. How cute is he??

Juliet did not choose her costume, but she loooooooooves Minnie Mouse (Mee Mow, in her own words). She fell in love when we went to Disney World and the love was solidified when grandma and papa bought her a Minnie Mouse doll.

I took a few pics before we left the house. Most of the those can be found over on my photography blog but I had to share these two here. After I had taken a few of them separately, I said I wanted one of them together and Aidric automatically took that to me they were to hug. (He may be a tiny bit "picture trained"). He threw out his arms and said, "come here Juls". Sooo sweet.

We kicked off our trick or treating at Riviera Village, where they block off the streets and the shop owners all hand out candy. I have to admit, Chris and I weren't super impressed. It was soooo crowded and I just wasn't feeling the "spirit" of Halloween...going door to door, ringing the bell and waiting for some nice homeowner to tell you how cute your kids are. This was like a factory assembly line. Shuffle through the crowd, stand in line, mumble trick or treat and get your candy.

Anyway, we didn't stay long and then we ventured out in our neighborhood (where I took the liberty of leaving the camera at home), hitting a few houses on the way to Chris's cousin's house. We stopped in there for some yummy appetizers, soup and beverages before working our way up and down their street. That was definitely more our style! The kids had a blast and Aidric woke up this morning asking me if we could go trick or treating again today =)


jillian said...

awwww, they look sooooo cute!!!

Kate said...

that's the cutest nice shark I've ever seen! And love minnie! ;)