Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Juliet!!

How can such a small number sound SO big??

At Juliet's one year well check appointment today, they gave me a handout, like they always do, that lists milestones and guidelines for the age range your child is entering. "Your baby will do this.." and "Your baby may need this..." type of things. Today, I opened the pamphlet and it said, "Your toddler learns quickly..."

Wait! What? Toddler? Overnight? She was a baby last night at 11 months and 30 days and now at 12 months, she automatically turns into a toddler? I'm not ready for that! Until she walks, I am sticking with baby =)

A quick list of words that describe Juliet

Determined (Chris's word, though I agree)
Sassy (again, Chris's choice and I agree)
and Happy again

She is honestly the happiest baby/toddler ever. Don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean she isn't super ornery, but even when she's being ornery, she's doing it so happily, if that makes sense =)

Her one year stats:

29 1/4" - 60%
20 lbs. - 30%
17 cm (head circumference)- 20%

And of course, she has an ear infection. Aidric finished his antibiotics for his most recent ear infection on Sunday. That meant it was inevitable that Juliet would get one. They take turns. She did GREAT with her three shots. She got the booster for H1N1 and the seasonal flu booster, so we are up to date with those. Also got the Hep A. She should have had MMR and varicella today as well, but with the flu shots, that just seemed too mean. So, when we go back to have her ears looked at in 2 weeks, we'll get those. She honestly didn't even make a peep though. Didn't even notice.

All in all, I think we'll keep her. She's pretty great =)


Richard and Sarah said...

happy birthday to my sweet, sassy little niece. love her.

SpunkyToes said...

Happy first Birthday pretty girl!

Sheena said...

Aww Happy 1st Birthday pretty girl!!

Karen said...

Hate it that I could not be with you. Love grandma

Gramcracker said...

Happy Birthday cutie pie. Beautiful pictures your mommy took of you! Sassy, but sweet :)
Love you, Your other grandma

beth said...

Adorable photos! Happy First Birthday Juliet!!