Saturday, February 28, 2009

Celebrating Juliet with a "sip n see"

Thanks to my awesome friend mollie we had a wonderful brunch for Juliet this morning. Mimosas, banana bread, brownies and even decor to match Juliet's room- she thought of everything! Thank you sooo much to Mollie and everyone else who was able to come meet/see Jules!

(When I moved to Texas, I first heard the term "sip n see" from my friend Jessica. It is basically a get together of friends after a baby is born to "sip" some coffee, tea, wine, whatever and "see" the new baby. I never thought I'd get the honor of having a sip n see myself!)

the set up

Miss Juliet in her beautiful new dress from the Axtells!

Our good friend and babysitter, Rebekah

Mommy and Juliet

two girls from my on-line mom's board were able to come Juliet too! (Amanda and Shannon)

Grandma was in town too! (Grandpa and Uncle John were busy golfing with Chris!)

Aidric and Lily hangin' upstairs (her dad was supervising and it was all innocent cuddling)

Aidric joined the party for a little while and found some crayons


beth said...

How fun! Everything turned out beautiful! And love the new pics of Juliet! Also, your new blog header and theme look great!

Richard and Sarah said...

wish we could have been there to sipped and seen. looks like all went great and the new blog looks beautiful.

Sarah said...

What a great idea! Looks like lots of fun!

Gramcracker said...

Beautiful pictures--love the backdrops and set up of the site. It looks like a fun day for all.