Sunday, May 11, 2008

We've upgraded...

Huge thanks to the Brent, Gretchen, Ryder and Claudia Nord for sending Aidric's first birthday present! No more bowl of water in the backyard for us- he has a water table now! He absolutely loves it- thanks so much!!!!

He had to get serious for a few minutes as he was checking out what was happening in the neighbor's yard. It turned out they were workers there to chop down a tree. He freaked out and leaped into my arms. Water table time was over early for the day.

And this picture has nothing to do with his water table, but how cute is he in his first TWO PIECE pjs? And no, we don't let him watch tv like this. In fact, we don't usually even let him watch tv at night. But playing outside in the evening required an early bath, which led to time to kill before bed!


Richard and Sarah said...

I LOVE the jammies. Big boys wear those.

Ashley said...

So cute! We have the same water table! It's so fun.